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Monday, February 13, 2012

What You NEED To See Tonight

What You NEED To See Tonight

What You NEED To See Tonight
The Bachelor on ABC at 8pm EST. NOW WAIT! Before you click off this post, give me one moment to explain why you should watch it. I know all the reasons why you don't want to...it's mindless drivel, it's totally phony, it's the worst way in the world to find romance, Ben the current bachelor is not only ugly but drippy and annoying. And you are right about all of that. We all know that they are not going to find real love. How can you with 3 cameras and 5 producers surrounding you at all times? In fact, out of the 22 seasons of this show (YES! It has been on for 10 years now), only one "winning" couple actually wed. Not exactly a surefire formula.BUT THIS EPISODE IS FILMED IN BELIZE. ENTIRELY IN BELIZE. AND MOSTLY ON AMBERGRIS CAYE AND CAYE CAULKER (our baby sister island). Sorry for the shouting. Take a look at some of the locations and tune in tonight. Even if you have to watch the show on mute.
Most of these pictures are not the finest quality. They are actual screen shots taken from the show and give you a taste of what tonight's show is all about.

A little romance on top of a Mayan pyramid?

Jumping out of a helicopter into the Blue Hole?
And even a late night party at the Lazy Lizard in Caye Caulker with lots of locals. If you haven't read about the date that I witnessed, check out: Scooparazzi.
OMG...IT IS GOING TO BE TOTALLY AWESOME.And to all you nay-sayers out there: If it is your first and only viewing, you will probably be wondering...who is craziest? The bachelor, his cuckoo Barbie-like fem-bots or you, for actually watching the show? But, I promise, you will have to admit by the end...Belize looks amazing. They will show only the very best scenery.And tens of millions of people worldwide watch this show whether you like it or not.So, if you watch tonight's show and haven't visited Belize, those trips and parties that the Bachelor is attending aren't special just for a television show. You can go snorkeling, lobster hunting, diving, swimming with sharks, you can dance to local music, you can explore the Mayan Ruins...all by just visiting. They are things that happen every day. And Belize is only a few hours from Houston or Miami. You'd better Belize it.Come visit!Become a fan of SanPedroScoop.com on Facebook for daily updates on what's happening on Ambergris Caye and all of Belize.And enjoy the show!
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