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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

.:: SAMAA - Air Blue passengers’ relatives clueless

.:: SAMAA - Air Blue passengers’ relatives clueless

Air Blue passengers’ relatives clueless
Upadated on: 28 Jul 10 08:18 PM

Staff ReportISLAMABAD: The troubled relatives, who came to receive, of crashed Air Blue(AB) plane’s unlucky passengers are facing deep troubles to get information about their deceased beloved ones at Islamabad Air Port and have no clue for next step while the GM of Air Blue has said that emergency cells have been established at Karachi and Islamabad airports, SAMAA reported Wednesday.Total 152 passengers, included crew members, were on board in the Air Blue crashed plane’s flight from Karachi to Islamabad.After hearing about the crash of the aero plane, an uproar started among the relatives of the unfortunate passengers who came to receive their beloved ones at Islamabad airport. They started running, in deep worry and sadness, here and there to get any clue or information about their relatives.The family members of the unlucky passengers of crashed Air Blue flight, turned very upset and hopeless when they remain unable to get any direct and confirm information about their dearest ones. They told that the concerned air line has established an emergency counter for providing information but it is not providing any help or information and we are compelled to circle around many other offices.At the other side, the General Manager of Air Blue has said that the crashed plane was fit by all means and it had no technical misfit.The GM Air Blue, talking to journalists in Karachi, added that emergency cells have been established in Karachi and Islamabad.“The family members of the deceased passengers will be taken to Islamabad and they will be accommodated there as well” he added. SAMAA

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