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Sunday, January 24, 2010

King Kong Challenge

We had to do it. The 5.9478lb. challenge. So why do we call it the King Kong Challenge? Because only King Kong can finish it. What exactly is it?

The Burger
8 x 5oz. Legends Burger Patties (cooked medium)
8 x slices of American Cheese
8 x slices of Bacon
3 x Eggs (fried)
3oz. Grilled onions
2 x Tomato slices
The Fries
1.5lbs of French Fries
The Topper
A Legend-battered Corn Dog
The challenge is presented with a glass of water and a 6-pack of condiments. The water and condiments are optional and not required to complete the challenge. The challenger must complete the challenge within one hour in order to have their picture placed on the Wall of Fame. If the challenger completes the meal within 30 minutes, the meal will be complimentary. The menu price for the King Kong Challenge is $30.00.

Currently, nobody has completed the King Kong Challenge.

The current champion for the first version of the King Kong Burger (retired) is Wade the Gringo with the last bite clocking in at 24 minutes and 17 seconds.

All challengers who fail to complete the challenge will have their picture placed on the Wall of Shame, located in the restroom hallway.

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