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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Empty BELIKIN bottle for $200 us on Ebay?

Yes its true. I have a empty Belikin bottle posted for sale. Yes I did drink the beer. I do not expect to sell it at this price. Although I have sold some interesting items for surprising prices. Bar coasters and napkins, Bottle caps and many more.

The reason I put this bottle up for the crazy price of $199 us was for promotion. If you are looking thru items on Ebay and run across this, you can not help the urge to investigate further. Hopefully finding some of the other items that have a bit more of a bargain price.
This listing is receiving about 40 hits per day and has only been up for 3 days. Here is the link if you would like to add to the hit counter.

Shop eBay - Earn Cash Back

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tacogirl said...

I added to hit counter :) also added you to my links section sorry that took me so long to do.

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